Top 8 Must Have Items For Your Next Camping Trip

Planning on embarking on your next adventure and need to know exactly what is needed for the trip? It can be daunting trying to prioritize all of the must haves so you don’t end up under packing and over packing.

To help solve this issue for you, we’ve assembled the top 8 items you’ll need to get started on your next adventure… so you can be ready for anything out there in the wilderness.

What do I need on my Camping Trip?

1. Tent

Packing a tent is often the first thing you think of when preparing your next outdoor adventure. The tent is essential as your temporary residence while out and about in the wilderness. You won’t want to be caught homeless outside, especially when there could be bears around! Make sure to bring the stakes and footprint to help get you set up properly.

2. Weather Appropriate Apparel

Camping out in the woods can be unpredictable– and that includes what weather may have to offer! You’ll need to make sure you have the essentials so you can brave any storm or terrain outside. Make sure to have your poncho, hoodies, jeans, and other sets of durable clothing. You’ll also want to make sure you bring hiking boots, hiking socks, and of course… slippers and fuzzy socks.

3. Cooking Supplies

We know you’re bringing the beans, the hot dogs, burgers, and plenty of junk food to tie your stomach over for the majority of the day. Unfortunately you can’t live off cold uncooked meat and Doritos so you’re going to need a reliable cooking set specially suited for camping. By doing this you’ll be able to enjoy all those hot fresh fire cooked meals either by yourself or with the whole family.

4. Sleeping Bag

While as your tent is your home, nights often times can become pretty chilly at night out in the wilderness so a comforter and fuzzy socks won’t cut it. You’ll want to be sure you add a sleeping bag to your list to make the dreamiest of beds so you can stay warm and dream of sheep throughout the night.

5. First Aid Kit

As we said before, camping be very unpredictable–you never know what will happen when you’re a long way from home. Be prepared for the cuts, the bruises, and maybe even worse by packing yourself a first aid kit. Keep those band aids, gauze, pain killers, antiseptic spray, and much more on hand in case of an emergency.

6. Fire Starter

Your fire is the bread and butter of the trip. It’s where you’ll cook all your meals, roast those marshmallows, and have the most of laughs and relaxation in the environment you love the most. There are many different types of fire starters such as matches, flint kits, lighters, and Duraflame logs. Most of these are very burden less so make sure to bring as many forms as possible. Keep in mind you’ll need to find wood either around your camp site or bring your own if it’s permitted by the campground complex.

Guide to Building the Ultimate Campfire

7. Lighting

It can get pretty dark at night. To avoid tripping over critters, logs, and anything else unnecessary you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of light at night. Make sure to bring flashlights with extra batteries, lanterns, and even your cellphone as many smartphones have a flash light app installed in them.

8. Food and Water

You’ve probably seen Bear Grylls at some point in your life, foraging for food and water to survive off the lay of the land. Fortunately, you don’t need to live life on the edge like that. Make sure to bring plenty of water bottles, thermos cups, coffee, a cooler packed full of meat for that hot iron grill and of course plenty of snacks such as trail mix and chips.

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