The Impact of the Great Resignation

I’m sure you’re all familiar by now with the great resignation.

Over 45.7 million people voluntarily left their job between January and December of last year alone. That has widespread effects on all companies, our insurance companies included.

Now being an independent agency we only work for our clients not the carriers.

Every carrier has thousands of employees and offices in many states. They, like most companies, were set up for a in-office operation and were not prepared to send all of these people home to work during the pandemic.

This has lead to longer hold times, longer underwriting times ….less than stellar customer experience and don’t get me started on the roadside assistance or lack of drivers. 

Why are we discussing this?

Because there has been less than stellar service and other problems with (all carriers) I’m not naming any specifically but all of them in regards to the way things are getting handled for our clients… and it has led to frustration.  We just want to make it clear we’re always going to do all that we can for our clients regardless if we hit some turbulence from time to time. The biggest problem is it takes thousands of people to work for these carriers and in every business right now there is a mass shortage of people willing to work. 

We will do any and all things we can to make everything as smoothly as possible. We have heard your frustration and always encourage feedback of any kind. We are here for you and our commitment is unwavering. 

We appreciate you putting your trust in us to protect what you value most. 

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