The E3 Renewal Survey and Why it Matters

We Send Out A Renewal Survey 60 Days Before Your Upcoming Personal Insurance Renewal

The surveys are designed to keep showing up in your inbox until they’re filled out.

Why You Ask? There are 2 reasons:

1. Get the most updated info to assist with alleviating premium at renewal.

2. Double-check to make sure you’re not unprotected from a room renovation, jewelry, new deck, pool, etc., and add additional coverage for new exposures if needed.

What Is the Survey?

The survey is a series of questions designed to gather any new information or changes that may have occurred in your daily life. The survey is as minimal as we can make it and has a total of 9 questions. 6 questions if all of the answers are no… 9 questions if there are a few yes answers.

The total time to fill out one of the surveys averages 45 seconds.

Once we have all of the information, we reach out with the results of your renewal and discuss whether or not there are changes to your policy.

Cyber Attacks Have Lowered But Small Businesses Are Still Targets For Cyber Crime

Overall, there has been a decrease in cybercrime, and ransomware assaults have slowed as demands have been rejected. Ransomware demands reportedly dropped from $1.37 million in 2021 to $896,000 in 2022, according to Coalition, Inc.

Despite a decline in cybercrime, small businesses remain increasingly vulnerable. In comparison to previous year, the average cost of a cybercrime claim jumped 58% during the first half of this year.

While ransomware assaults have significantly decreased, phishing method attacks have grown 32% so far this year compared to the first half of previous year. This figure represents over 60% of all reported claims.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if your company is thinking about purchasing cyber insurance.

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