In the Age of Inflation, Rental Cars are Also Raking in.

What is Extended Transportation Expenses Coverage?
Extended transportation expenses coverage – sometimes referred to as rental reimbursement coverage – is an optional coverage that can pay for a rental car, other forms of transportation or other transportation expenses if your car is damaged in a covered accident. This coverage typically pays for these expenses while your vehicle is not safely drivable or is at a repair facility.

The average coverage for rental cars on an insurance policy is 30/900
Meaning they will pay $30 dollars per day and no more than $900 total.
In the rise of inflation rental cars are costing substantially more.

Rising prices at the rental counter are what brought back profits. Both Hertz and Avis say their rates rose at least 25% in the first quarter compared with the same quarter in 2021, which typically has lower travel activity than summer months. Hertz charged on average $59 a day, and Avis charged almost $54.

If you are concerned about rising rental car prices….Now would be a good time to address this inside your insurance policy. You can raise your standard limits. Most carriers have several tiers and can even go higher than $100 per day, for a maximum of $3,000.

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